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Our American Light is mashed from the same Klages and Herrington two-row pale malt we sell to grain brewers. American Light is ideal when used as a pure malt base for a light flavored beer, or as a neutral base to build on when formulating darker beers.

Approximate SRM color value of 6 pounds of extract dissolved into 5 gallons of water before boiling: 5


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by John Hissong
on 2/5/2018
from Minnesota
My Lazy Day Lager
I used this malt extract to make a light lager beer last year.  It turned out excellent!  I started another batch yesterday. 

I have using Williams malt extracts for many years. My method of getting all the malt out the bag is to submerge the pouch in 160 degree water for about ten minutes. The warmed malt easily flows out.  I also rinse the inside of the pouch with warm water to get any malt that is still there.
by Ken
on 5/12/2016
from Liberty
Getting the LME out of the bag
Several reviewers for William's LME have commented on the difficulty of getting the product out of the bag.  Let me offer a suggestion.
After I've steeped additional grains and while the water is still hot (but not boiling), I use scissors to cut across the end of the bag, from the tear tabs on either side.  I squeeze the LME into the brew pot, submerging the bag's end to increase the flow.  I stir the mixture as I squeeze.  
Then holding one corner of the bag, I partly fill it with the wort, slosh it around, and pour it (carefully) back into the pot.  After doing this several times, most of the LME is out.  You can continue until all of it is mixed in.  
I should add that I do this on our patio and use a propane burner.  So  sloshing over is no big deal, as it would be if done in a kitchen.
by Louis
on 7/31/2013
from Naples
American Light Extract
I like everything I've ever ordered from Williams Brewery.  The liquid malt is packages with pride as are all their grains, hops, malt, etc. Good service too.
by robert
on 7/26/2013
from zachary
can't go wrong
After being overseas for years and not able to brew, I recently started back, and with this extract, and made the best beer I ever brewed.  I will continue to use this malt as a regular.  
by Justin
on 5/16/2013
from Wheeling
White House Honey Ale
Made a great White House Honey Ale. Look forward to using again.
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