74 Gram Brewer's Edge® CO2 Cartridge (No Air Shipment)

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Filled with 99.9% pure Beverage Grade CO2. These fit Brewer's Edge Regulators and Leland brand Mini Regulators. These are 1½" in diameter, and 5½" long. 5/8-18" threading.

No air shipment, postal shipment, or shipment to Alaska and Hawaii due to transport safety regulations

Average rating 9.25 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

For Growler

Review by Kurt H. on 5/11/2022

Have been using Bev Rite and Leland 74 gm cartridges and decided to try these. These have shorter threaded portion and threads are shorter and have metal weld particles in between threads and it made them leak. After using 4 of these, went back to the other brands mentioned above.

Best CO2

Review by Rick on 5/16/2020

The best way to go for CO2 for a keg if you are using disposables.

74 Gram Brewer's Edge® CO2 Cartridge Review

Review by Charles A Brandy on 2/11/2019

These C02 cartridges do what they are supposed to do. They seals well and work just fine. Not much else to say about a C02 cartridge.

great for camping

Review by stan macias on 5/1/2018

I had been looking for a smaller co2 solution for camping, this is it. very simple & compact design. works as intended, comes in handy when you run out of co2 at home as well.

Low price, Pico Pro compatible

Review by Craig on 2/1/2018

Works with the Pico Pro CO2 adapter.

Jan 25, 2022 by Jerry

Q: Will these work with Kegland mini 360 regulator?

A: They do not. The Kegland mini 360 regulator will accept the Leland 74 gram cartridges.

Jun 30, 2019 by John

Q: After use the cartridge and it is empty, how do you dispose the cartridge? Is it a HAZMAT item or can I dispose it in the trash or recycle?

A: Once empty, this is not hazardous. Recycle

Apr 14, 2018 by Alan

Q: How may cartridges are required to dispense a 5 gallon keg? Thanks

A: Generally, if the beer is already carbonated, 1 to 2 cartridges for a 5 gallon keg.

Sep 03, 2017 by Patrick

Q: Will these work with standard mini co2 regulators with 5/8" threads?

A: No, only with Brewer's Edge Regulators.

Mar 04, 2017 by Richard Perry

Q: After these cartridges are punctured and installed can they be removed for later use, or do they have to be used up before removing them from the regulator? In short, what is their shelf life after being punctured?

A: After they are screwed into a regulator and punctured, they cannot be removed without losing all the gas. They will last for weeks when screwed into a regulator until all the gas has been used.

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