• 5 Gallon Vintage Shop Carboy With Spigot
  • Better view of the ferment, and easier to clean than ribbed carboys.

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Item #: Q37
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In Stock, Will Ship On 01/29/2020.
  #10 Vented Silicone Stopper (USA) (+ $7.99)
  3 Piece Airlock (+ $1.50)
  #10 Size Stopper With Hole (+ $2.25)
  1/2" Transfer Tubing (Sold By The Foot) (+ $.69)


The 5 gallon Vintage Shop carboy features unbreakable PET construction, Made from BPA-free PET (polyethylene terephthalate copolymer) plastic. Unlike plastic waterbottles, this is an odorless and virtually impermeable plastic, which allows beer, mead, or wine to sit for several months in the carboy without worry about oxidation. Combines the barrier properties and visibility of glass, with the light weight and safety of unbreakable plastic.

Includes a spigot with high flow valve with a ½" tubing hose barb outlet. This spigot flows faster than competing PET carboy designs, and is easily installed and replaced by the included spigot tool (pictured). If you need tubing for your spigot, order our J16 ½" inner diameter tubing. Temperature safe to 120° F. 

19” tall, 10" wide. Takes a #10 stopper and airlock (stopper and airlock not included).



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by Bob
on 9/26/2014
from Matawan
Carboy and Buckets
I have two carboys, the 5 and 6 gallon. Go with the 6, the five is a bit small. I have have had no issues with the spigot buckets or carboys. Love them. I will be using the five to make Apple Jack or Jersey Lightning this fall. I have to say, Willaims is my first stop, always.
by Tim
on 7/30/2014
from San Diego
Read my first review
I have to post this to warn other folks.  check out the rating for the valve to replace these.  pretty low, right?  I have replaced them multiple times.  Today, lost a flanders that had been aging 9 months because the valve cracked and started leaking.  This is not IF, but WHEN this will happen.  save yourself the heartache, skip the spigot (or maybe go with better bottle), and buy the bottles without.  the bottles are very good.  the spigot/valve... not so much.  I  have lost two beers because of these.  It's now going straight to the trash.  WB has the best customer service around. But it's just not worth the heartache to go with the spigot.
by Tim
on 6/1/2012
from San Diego
Good, but think about your application
This ported carboy does what it's supposed to do.  But be careful and check the spigot before installation.  I had a small crack on the circular base that slowly leaked a marzen lager.  I'm not convinced a ported carboy is really that much better for lack of oxidation than siphoning if you are careful, and am additionally not convinced that the setup is great for safe sampling (afterall, how many times do you REALLY need to sample the beer?)  But.... with 1/2 inch tubing the transfer is certainly a breeze.  Williams brewing has the best customer service around... and happily replaced my spigot concern.  Think about whether you NEED a ported carboy.  the bottle itself is fine... and if you need it ported, get this without hesitation.. otherwise consider just siphoning from a solid one and not worry about potential leaks.  if I can reiterate, though.. customer service with WB is nonpareil.
by Bob
on 9/9/2011
from Lynchburg, VA
Good replacement for glass
I bought one of these to use as a secondary fermenter and just transfered an IPA into it yesterday.  Compared to my primary, which is a Better Bottle, I like that this one has flat sides, though it is a bit harder to move around without disturbing the airlock.  The spigot is easy to install and should come in handy at bottling time - it also seems like an easier and more sanitary way to sample the beer than opening the top.

It pretty much performs as I expected - I'm sure I'll be buying more of these.
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