5 Gallon NSF KegLand Keg

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Our new NSF certified stainless steel five gallon kegs from Keg Land have two ball-lock male quick disconnect fittings that hold pressure even when not connected, allowing you to have several kegs aging while one is tapped. Also referred to as Corny Kegs or Soda Kegs.  Precisely made with smooth robotically welded interior welds for ease of cleaning to stringent NSF standards.  Made in China.

Features a 3 by 3.5" oval lid for easy cleaning, and a pressure relief lid mounted valve for safety. An exclusive stainless hang tap is welded onto the inside of the lid to make it easier for you to suspend dry hopping bags and hop infusers. 25" tall, and 8½" wide. These require 26" of headspace once you connect ball lock fittings and hoses.  Rubber bumpers on top and bottom protect this keg from damage.

Average rating 9.625 out of 10 ( based on 16 reviews )

Great product

Review by Scott S. on 9/8/2007

Pros: This is a well made product and looks 100% better than used kegs. Fast shipping and great customer service, I will be a returning customer.

Cons: Cost more than a used key, however I think it was well worth it.

Best price for a new one

Review by SRfromGA on 9/23/2007

Pros: I'm happy with this purchase. It's been great and it is very well made. I will be purchasing a few more. Best price I've seen for a new one this nice!

Cons: None

Never bottle condition again

Review by Steven S. on 3/20/2008

Pros: Perfectly carbonated homebrew everytime. Buy 4 and brew every week.

Cons: I drink too much.

Kegs are the way to go!!!

Review by Linda S. on 8/3/2008

Pros: Ease of available beer.

Cons: Your friends will suck yoi dry!

Great Kegging System

Review by Frank on 5/5/2010

Pros: This is so much more easier than the mini-kegs of yore. Easy to clean, easy to fill, and easy to dispense. Plus with the safety relief valve no more worries about excessive pressures.

Cons: The size(height) will require a ?beer? refrigerator.

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Aug 17, 2019 by Will

Q: Whats the best way to clean a new keg before first time use? I got one from you guys just a week or so back. Wanna remove any oils or gunk left over from the manufacturing process. And what do i need to lube the o-rings/gaskets with? Thanks.

A: Rinse with Brewer's Edge or PBW cleanser and hot water is the best way to remove any manufacturing deposits. Then rinse with water. As far as the rubber parts, Keg Lube is a good option, although you can use a new keg for a while and not worry about the rubber until it becomes a little older.

Sep 05, 2018 by Greg

Q: Is there a pin lock option for hose connections or would you need to buy separate and install?

A: Pin lock is becoming more and more obsolete, so you would have to make this conversion yourself with some pin lock posts. Cornelius brand pin lock posts would be the best option to try although we have not tested to see if these will thread on.

Jan 01, 2018 by Paul

Q: kegs are new for me: 1) how does one keep the beer cold once it's kegged? 2) if I buy a keg from Williams, does this include everything needed to draw the beer from the keg (tap, hoses, etc.) or is that extra? Thx.

A: To keep the beer cold, store the keg in a refrigerator. The keg does not include needed tap and gas hose lines, for a complete system featuring this keg see our Home Beverage System, product B62.

Sep 28, 2017 by Eric

Q: Is the liquid dip tube on these kegs straight?

A: The liquid dip tube is curved.

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