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This valve replaces the included brass propane burner valve to allow the Hurricane to run on natural gas (fits Hurricane stoves that have 1/4" NPT threaded orifice inlets. You will need a gas connection hose with a 3/8" female flare end to attach to this valve to your natural gas source.  This valve has an orifice diameter of approximately 1/8", and features 1/4" male npt threads to attach to your gas burner. See at right for a 3/8" flare to 1/2" NPT adapter to screw onto your 1/2" house gas supply pipe so you can connect a 3/8" flare gas connection hose.

These also fit Blichmann Top Tier Burners, Blichmann Floor standing burners, and Bayou Classic burners that have a 1/4" female NPT port for an orifice. This does not fit DarkStar, or Bayou Classic BG10, SP10, or BG12 burners.




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by Mike
on 5/23/2020
Works like a champ!
Used this to convert banjo burner to NG for smoker....works perfect and was easy to install.
by Will
on 4/16/2020
from MD
Worked well on my Bayou Classic KAB4
Worked well on my Bayou Classic KAB4.

Doing BIAB. Temp control for mashing was tricky. I think the combo of the burner size as well as natural gas made managing the lower temps difficult. This was not unexpected as even on propane using the burner during mashing is hard to do. Will be simply insulating, burner off, moving forward.

No issue with lack of BTUs at all. Very quick ramp up to boil.
by Chuck
on 5/8/2019
from Atlanta, Georgia
Quick and easy
Converted a KAB4 from propane. Could've just drilled out the propane orifice easily enough, but I decided to splurge the $10 and buy this adapter. Now I still have the propane orifice in case I ever need to switch back.

Installation couldn't be simpler: unscrew the old fitting and screw in the new one. Done.

My burner is at the end of a long run of gas line in my house, about half of which is 3/4" and the rest is only 1/2". I was apprehensive the burner would be underfed. But I can run it wide open with a perfect blue flame, and 8 gallons comes to a vigorous boil in no time at all.

Couldn't be more satisfied!
by Nick
on 10/9/2018
from Springfield OR
I can't say enough positive things about brewing on natural gas over propane. This conversion valve is constructed well, arrived quickly and had no fitment problems. I have it paired with a quick disconnect hose and a BG14 burner--it has taken a major headache and expense out of my brew days. My home gas bill is practically unchanged and the flow of this valve + my home's natural gas supply = powerful, fast boils on my 5 gallon batches. I heat all of my brew water at once and have been able to get 9-10 gallons up to strike temp in under 15 minutes. I recommend any hobbyist brewer with a supply of NG to purchase this valve for their (compatible) burner and move away from propane ASAP. Being able to brew inside (with ventilation of course) has been a game-changer with our changing weather, and is something I would've never been able to safely do with Propane. 
by Ryan Cuda
on 3/21/2018
from Litchfield Park, AZ
works great, but it's not the only thing you'll need.
this "conversion valve" is really nothing more than an orifice bored for low pressure.  It's not the right size for most banjo burners

I have a Bayou Classic SQ14 banjo burner https://goo.gl/38ATKo that came set up for propane.  From the 3/4" MIP gas line going to the burner, I needed the following fittings:

3/4" tee (one side going to the grill, the other to the burner) 
2 ea. 2"x3/4" MIP nipples
3/4"x1/2" FIP reducer bell
1/2" FIPx 3/8" flared brass check valve (came with appliance hookup)
3/8" brass flared coupling
3/8" brass needle valve
48" long 3/8" appliance gas line

the Hurricane 1/4" conversion valve

1/4" x 3/8" F>M reducer, brass
a chrome washer (for keeping the air valve tight)

All in all, it was about $70 in fittings above and beyond the conversion valve.
That being said, now that it's hooked up, everything works great.  Boils 5 gallons way faster than the burner did on LP which was kind of surprising. I always heard that propane is supposed to be more efficient
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5/7/2018 11:46:40 AM
Does this work with a Bayou Classic SQ14?
No, the SQ14 is a high pressure burner, designed for higher pressure propane only.
4/4/2018 11:27:47 AM
Do you know if this will work with Concord 16" Banjo Single Burner Stove?
If the Concord Banjo has a 1/4" female NPT port for the orifice, and the burner is suitable for use with natural gas, this should work.  Check with the Concord manufacturer to see if this unit can be converted to natural gas.
3/29/2018 6:32:31 PM
Do you have an adapter that will work on the Bayou Classic SP10? Thanks
No, the Classic Sp10 is for propane only.
11/29/2017 2:21:31 AM
I have searched for the exact 3/8" flared gas fitting. I want to adapt this to a 3/8" or 1/2" house barb. I think the issue I am having is finding an adapter with the correct bevel. Is that a 45 dye or 37 degree bevel? Attach a link of the exact part, tx
45° angle on our gas valves.
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