• 0-15 Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve
  • Shown affixed to a gas ball lock fitting (not included, order item B11)
  • This shows the adjustable valve mechanism insides

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This adjustable pressure relief valve has a sensitivity of 0 to 15 psi. It has a 1/4" female flare fitting on one end, which attaches to any threaded ball or pin lock gas fitting. Use this to make a keg pressure relief valve. Adjust the relief pressure by turning the knob on the right side of this assembly. Also known as a Spunding Valve.


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by Barry Mizes
on 7/16/2018
from St. Louis, MO
Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve
I use this to do a closed pressure transfer from a unitank to a keg.  While this doesn't provide a very fine adjustment, it does get the job done of holding the pressure reasonably well at some set value.  Adjusting the set point is very easy, it just takes a few tries to get it exactly where you want it. You can probably build this for a few bucks less, but this is already assembled and pressure tested.  Money well spent.
by Ted R Adams
on 4/15/2018
from Texas
Best design out there
These are by far the best quality spunding valves. Precise adjustments!
by Stubby the Runner
on 9/9/2017
from New England
Bought two. Both leaked. 

William's Brewing Responds:  We shipped some of these without thread sealant between the ¼" flare and ¼" NPT fitting. We have corrected all of ours in stock thanks to you. We also appreciate sealing the two you received without proper thread sealant.
by Bill
on 3/25/2017
from southern AZ
Multiple uses
I bought two of these and am very happy with them.  I use them for pressure fermentation, for properly carbonating my kegs, and for checking my keezer and kegs for those tiny CO2 leaks that dish soap or star-san can't find.  The screw adjustment mechanism is a bit crude for fine adjustment, but I can get within my target range when pressure fermenting.  The cost is very reasonable, as I built one previously and the parts cost as much as this pre-assembled one from Williams.
by Leslie
on 3/18/2017
from Huachuca City
Great for Pressure fermentation!
Works very well for fermenting under pressure and controlling pressure for self carbonation. Easy to use and check keg pressure at any time. 
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10/9/2018 3:35:35 PM
How do I zero out the guage?
Probably the easiest thing to do is replace the gauge.
7/26/2018 9:08:55 PM
I would like to use this to keep a constant pressure of say, 8 pounds, on my keg for dispensing. Would this do the trick? Thanks
Yes, you can set it to the desired pressure and it will release if the keg gets higher.
12/14/2017 12:31:03 PM
Does this device automatically release pressure or do you have to manually release
You adjust a spring tension valve to release pressure automatically.
11/8/2017 8:53:39 AM
I purchased this valve with a ball lock attachment to use it as a spunding valve. can this be used this way? my kegs seem to always lose their pressure.
This item is used for bleeding off excess pressure from your keg, so yes it can be used as a spunding valve. If you are loosing pressure beyond your set pressure you must have a leak. Check all joints with soapy water and make sure you use teflon tape on all threaded joints including the ball lock fitting threads.
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