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This all stainless fitting features a ball lock beer side connection, a ¼" male flare threaded outlet, and adjustable flow control. Perfect for making keg mounted faucets where you do not have 4' of 3/16" interior diameter tubing to reduce foaming. Adjust the flow when it leaves the keg!

If you want to make a ball lock keg faucet, you will need to purchase this connector, plus our items Q79 Faucet Adapter, P76 Intertap Faucet, Q53 Shank Securing Nut, and P56 Chrome Faucet Handle.

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by Greg
on 12/13/2019
Works Great
I brew Belgian Ales exclusively and carb to 3.25 volumes. This requires approximately 20 psi of CO2 on keg at 40 F. I am new to kegging.  I have a 4 foot beer line with a picnic tap. This poured foam until I got this flow control ball lock.Certainly better than 18ft of beer line as per Mike Solty's calculator. This has allowed me to balance my system easily. A simple, elegant solution
by Brian
on 11/5/2019
from Atkinson, NH
Loving these
Don’t believe the last review about how they’re too flow restrictive. I’m using bev-seal ultra with John Guest fittings. ~8 feet of tubing, and I used to have to use ~20 feet. Great  pour in ~15 seconds. I could cut the thing shorter if need be, but it’s great as is. Of course ultra bev-seal has a much lower resistance than your typical crappy vinyl tubing. Maybe some of these vary during manufacturing, but mine is wide open right now, and giving me a great pour. Pressure in keg is at 14 psi with a temp of 40-43F. Flow control Rototap faucets set to wide open. Give these a try for greater control!
by Craig Hairrell
on 9/22/2019
from Chicago
Not for Keezers or Kegerators
I bought three of these for my keezer. Despite being wide open and using 2-ft lengths of large diameter tubing, I was unable to pour pints lower-carbonated beers like porter in under 30 seconds. Even wide open, these introduce a restriction. I wrote to Williams customer service and they replied saying:

"We find they work best on keg faucets, where there is no tubing at all. They do restrict flow more than regular ball locks, and are probably not the ones to use with low carbonation English Ales.

Other than that, people love them on Mini Kegs and as snap on ball lock faucets. We have a lot of customers now who do not brew at all, but dispense commercial kegs, which can sometimes have high carbonation levels. So they work in this situation also.

We are also talking to Kegland about making them more universal, that is, able to flow wide open easily, and then tighten down, rather than the way they are today, which is partially restricted even at the largest setting."
by Ricardo Fritzsche
on 9/18/2019
from Texas
Work as expected
Solid and well made. For now, one week into its use, works as expected and it is much better than flow control at the faucet.
Great design job!
by Clint
on 7/31/2019
from Ga
Works pretty well
Only complaint I have about these, really, is that the machining needs to be a little more polished. These things are razor sharp inside. The threads will cut you.

Functionally these are great. I ordered them to replace all of the intertap flow control faucets I have on my keezer and to minimize the line balancing necessary on my jockey box. Worked well on both accounts.
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1/7/2020 12:07:25 PM
Is a plastic flare washer needed if connecting this directly to a Q79 faucet adapter?
Yes, our item Q87
12/18/2019 6:20:36 PM
If I attach a faucet directly to this (no beer line), would I need a flow control faucet to dispense at 12 psi, or will this alone give me enough flow restriction?
This will let you dial in plenty of restriction, no need for the flow control faucet.
8/6/2019 8:03:48 PM
Are John Guest fittings compatible with this thread or just duotight fittings?
The thread on the ball-lock is the standard 1/4" flair. So if your John Guest fittings screw onto a standard ball-lock threaded fitting, it will work on Kegland Stainless Flow Control Threaded Ball-lock as well.
7/23/2019 8:37:43 AM
How do you adapt this to a barbed fitting?
You can screw on our Barbed Adapter item D66.

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