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Our Priming Tank makes priming and bottling simple - just fill with beer, stir in the priming sugar, and bottle directly from the valve. Messy siphoning is not needed. To reduce the possibility of beer splashing and the resultant oxidation, a small length of tubing is included so the beer fills a bottle from the bottom without splashing. This arrangement is faster than filling with a bottle filler and siphon, as a bottle filler has a smaller valve opening. A bottle filler can be easily installed if desired to the end of the valve. Unlike our Siphonless Fermenter, our Priming Tank does not include an invert tube valve, as it is not needed, except during the first few active days of fermentation, when large quantities of yeast are produced. Our Priming Tank also makes a great secondary fermenter - just transfer from our Siphonless, and lock the Siphonless lid and airlock assembly in place (the Siphonless lid fits the Priming Tank). Includes bottling valve, bottling tube, and instructions. Lid not included, and is not generally needed, unless you use your Priming Tank as a secondary fermenter. Made of BPA-free food grade plastic. 18” high, 13” deep. More Details

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