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Why aerate your wort? Yeast needs oxygen to reproduce and produce strong cell walls. If the cell walls are weak, the yeast will have a low tolerance for alcohol, and can die before fully fermenting out the wort. Particularly in worts with starting gravities in excess of 1.050, this can contribute to long lag times, slow ferments, and higher than normal finishing gravities. Like an air stone in a fish tank provides oxygen for fish to breathe, wort aeration provides needed oxygen for yeast respiration and growth. This system features a 2 micron aeration stone, which is less likely to clog than a .5 micron stone.

The advantage of the Oxygen Aeration System is that the wort can be aerated to 60% of its oxygen holding capacity in just 20 seconds, something that takes our Air Aeration System 5 minutes to accomplish. This shorter aeration means less foaming of the wort before pitching, an important consideration in higher gravity beers.

Includes 22" Aeration Wand with a 2 micron stainless aeration stone, 4' of tubing, and an Oxygen Regulator for standard hardware store oxygen welding tanks. Pictured red oxygen bottle is not included, these disposable 1.4 and 2.1 ounce left hand thread bottles can be purchased at any hardware store in the welding or brazing section. One bottle will aerate 20 to 30 batches. Pictured glass carboy is not included.

Why buy a William's Oxygen Aeration System?  It has a 22" stainless wand, longer than any other system, so you can easily reach the bottom of a 5 or 6 gallon fermenter without dipping the plastic tubing into the wort. You can choose between and easier to maintain 2 micron stone or a finer .5 micron stone.  Unlike other Oxygen Aeration Systems, all parts are made in U.S.A.


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by Edwin
on 9/16/2014
A much better way
I used to shake the carboy several minutes; it's risky, a lot of work, and doesn't do the job as well as this. It seems Williams was the first to offer the excellent stainless wand--just sanitize it in hot water as you heat your mash or sparge water and you should have a nice, safe, convenient way to thoroughly oxygenate. The little red bottles last for quite a few batches. You won't regret it.
by Jason
on 2/7/2014
Excellent product and SUPER fast shipping!!!
This product is AWESOME!! No more pouring back and forth to aerate. And shipping was VERY fast! I ordered it Tuesday evening and it was at my door the following Friday before I got home! I was expecting at least a week... Thank you SO much!
by Kevin
on 1/28/2014
simple, easy to use
instead of spending way too long shaking your fermentation vessel, buy this, spend a minute aerating and be done with it!
by Timothy
on 1/26/2014
Greatly simplifies aeration of wort
I'm very pleased with this product. Just of few second of aeration with the air wand using an inexpensive oxygen tank and I know that my wort is fully oxygenated. No muss, no fuss.
by Brian
on 1/25/2014
Works perfectly
I have been doing the shake the carboy until my arms get tired method for > 1 year. I don't know why I didn't get this product sooner. I was easily able to find a disposable oxygen bottle at our big box hardware store with the welding supplies. Hooked it up, turned the knob, and let the aeration flow. On my first two high-gravity beers utilized with this system, I have dropped a few extra final gravity points compared to previous brews.
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