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The Tap-A-Draft is an economical and space saving portable beer dispensing system. Three (BPA free)6 liter PET bottles hold 4.75 gallons of beer, virtually all of a 5 gallon batch.

The Tap-A-Draft features a 6 liter BPA-free PET bottle, which screws onto the tapping unit for dispensing. The tapping unit holds one 16 gram C02 cartridge, and features a preset regulator that dispenses the C02 from the cartridge into the bottle at an even rate, so you can leave the unit for a month or two, and still dispense all the beer with the single 16 gram cartridge.

When brewing beer for the Tap-A-Draft, prime the beer first by using 3 ounces of corn sugar per 5 gallon batch (about half a cup). Then fill the bottles and seal with the included 38mm screw caps. Let age like bottled beer until they are carbonated (this system will not artficially carbonate beer by C02 injection). To serve, remove the cap and screw on the Tap-A-Draft tapping head, insert the 16 gram C02 cartridge into the unit, chill and dispense.

One 16 gram cartridge will dispense the entire 6 liters of beer, and the built in regulator will keep pressure steady for up to two months. The 6 liter pet bottles are usable until they become damaged, usually for at least 6 batches. The pet bottles will keep beer fresh for 4 months. For longer beer storage, look to our Mini Keg Systems or full-sized Beverage systems. You will need 3 cartridges to dispense three bottles (4.75 gallons). A portable space-saving draft system at a great price

Includes the Tap-A-Draft tap, 5 sixteen gram C02 cartridges, and 3 six liter pet plastic bottles (with 3 caps). Everything you need to bottle and dispense 4.75 gallons of beer. The assembled unit with bottle and tap is 15" long, and 7.5" in diameter. The sealed bottles themselves are 12.5" long, and 7.5" in diameter.

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by Dan
on 9/28/2015
Does the job - Space efficient - Overall, Very Good
I've had a steady rotation of Tap-a-Draft bottles on tap now for about 6 months (orig Tap assembly, all seals components, etc. are working fine - no leaks). This system works well, though maybe not as well as a Corny keg system - but for the price point, it's tough to beat T-a-D. The GOOD: Space efficient - as a city condo-dweller, I do not have space for a 2nd fridge. The T-a-D system fits very nicely on a half shelf of fridge space. Even the smallest Corny system would not fit in all the space a T-a-D requires. Forced or Natural carbonation - both work fine, forced carb sucks down a CO2 cartridge, but that should be expected for obvious reasons. Customer Service - I recently sent a note to T-a-D regarding a small crack forming on the end of the CO2 cartridge sleeve. Even though this is not affecting the system's functionality, T-a-D immediately shipped out a new sleeve. The BAD: I'm averaging 3 cartridges per bottle (forced carb) TIP: Store bottles upright at 45-deg angle
by Don Chesnut
on 9/27/2014
leaks and breaks
First the caps leaked spreading precious beer all over my basement floor. Fixed that problem with teflon tape but then the plastic caps broke. Fixed that problem with metal caps for a growler. Now the pin that pierces the CO2 cartridge has broken off, leaving me with pet bottles of useless beer. NO product should be sold that requires so many user modifications to work properly. Sorry...gigantic fail. Also interesting that I don't find my earlier poor review when the caps leaked.
by Christofer
on 2/23/2014
Pros and Cons
Getting back into brewing after 20 yrs, I had to buy several pieces of equipment up front. The addition of a kegging system was cost prohibitive at the time. I have now used this for 12 batches of Ale. It sure beats cleaning and capping all those bottles while still getting "bottle conditioned" Ale in an entry level system. At first, I thought the "pigs" had to be stored on their sides. When I did that they leaked. After contacting the manufacturer, I was encouraged to stand them up. With round bottoms that is difficult so I cut a 4" hole in a 2x6 as a balancing board. I use two 16 g cartridges per pig because after a few days it slows to an agonizing pour. Six cartridges per 5 gal batch is a lot of cartridges in the recycle bin. The cartridge o ring and keeper came out but are easily replaced. I am concentrating on becoming a better brewer by refining my process, starting my yeast, and clarifying my beer but a keg system will replace this one eventually as funds permit.
by Bill
on 10/21/2013
Excellent Alternative to Bottling
I have used this system for over a year now and I love it! It is so much more convenient than bottles and it greatly reduces the amount of time you have to spend on sterilization and clean up. I do used Teflon tape on the bottle threads as a precaution due to other reviewers problems but I have never had a problem with the PET bottles leaking. Occasionally I will also have to add a second CO2 cartridge to the tap before the bottle is empty but maybe that is because I don't drink enough! Overall, it is a great value for the price.
by Matthew
on 8/26/2013
Looses pressure while conditioning
I usually bottle condition my beer but figured this system would be of great use for an upcoming party; no bottles to deal with. I carefully followed the directions to fill the PET bottles and placed them in my basement for conditioning. One week later the caps allowed the beer to spray all over the floor! Shouldn't the caps have some kind of gasket to prevent this from happening? I recapped them but it can't be good for the beer. Now I'll probably have a flat batch. Very dissatisfied. William's Brewing Responds: The caps and bottles do not have pressure relief caps, so when the beer has too much pressure, it leaks out the cap. The key with these systems is to make sure the beer is fully fermented out before kegging, and to use less priming sugar than you would for bottled beer - use 3 oz. by weight for 5 gallons of beer. When properly carbonated, you will find they do not leak. Please call us at 800-759-6025 and we can replace your caps. Thank you!
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