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A counter flow wort chiller chills wort that is circulating in an inner tube while cold water circulates in the opposite direction in an outer surrounding tube. This model is convulted, which means the 12' of inner thin wall ½" outer diameter stainless tubing is twisted to increase the surface area exposed to the outer cooling water. This increases efficiency and speed of cooling. Stainless steel is more durable and stainproof than copper, although copper has a slight edge on heat transfer. Important - for best results, your tap water should be 60 F. or less.

Unlike a simple immersion chiller, a counter flow chiller needs to be rinsed thoroughly between uses to keep it clean. A thorough flush with water immediately after use keeps it clean for the next batch. The wort in and out tubes feature 1/2" FPT brass threads for easy attachment of male NPT 1/2" threaded fittings. Keep in mind that brass is softer than stainless, so if you screw stainless parts into these fittings, do not over tighten, as excessive force can crack the softer brass.

The water in tube is a male hose thread fitting on one end, and female hose thread on the other end. Be sure to set it up so the wort is running the opposite direction of the outer cooling water. 10" long, with a 6" diameter outer coil. A mounting bracket is welded to one end so this can be mounted in a variety of positions.

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This shows another view including the mounting bracket. Note the 1/2" FPT wort in and out fittings, for easy attachment of ball lock and snap lock quick connectors. Or, use a 1/2" stainless pipe thread nipple, and install a ball valve on the wort in or out for better cooling regulation. The ball valve will allow you to throttle down the wort flow to compensate for warmer tap water temperatures while cooling.


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by AutoDog
on 9/7/2014
Great construction, weak performance
I want to tell you how great this thing is: Construction is excellent and hard to knock the benefits of stainless... *BUT* ... it just doesn't cool that well! :( For a 6 gallon batch it takes a me a solid 20-25mins to get from 200F to 70F with my tap water running full-bore (and my tap water is not excessively warm). Yes, it works but just not that well. Check out online forums and you'll find others with similar results. I'd love to tell you to buy this, but you may be underwhelmed like me. William's Brewing Responds: Placing a ball valve on the wort outlet to throttle down wort flow greatly improves performance in many cases.
by Matt
on 4/9/2014
huge time saver!
We've used this on nearly a dozen brews, from blonde ales to stouts. 8 gallons batches are cooled to low 70s in just over 15 minutes vs over an hour with immersion chillers we were using. 1/2 SS ball valve on the out flow side controls wort flow rate. We sanitize our chiller with 5 gallons of boiling water from our HLT then save the water for rinse out after chilling the wort. Wish we would seen this when we first started brewing. It has shortened our brew day & made our brewing a much more enjoyable hobby. Worth every penny. Using an immersion "pre" wort chiller in line with your cold water supply will chill incoming water temp on days when tap water temps are warm. 5 stars rating for this gadget.
by jon
on 10/21/2013
Stainless Counterflow Wort Chiller
Fantastic product! Works just like it should.
by Guillaume
on 10/17/2013
THE wort chiller
Tired to have to deal with immersion wort chiller ? This is your solution ! It is very well build, sturdy, and will cool your batch in no time.
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