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A rotating interior racking arm is standard equipment. This works like a rotating siphon tube inside your fermenter, and allows you to rotate it downwards just enough to rack sediment free beer into your priming tank or keg. It is best to screw a 3/8" nylon or stainless hose barb onto this valve so you can attach tubing (not included, see link below for purchase).

 If your conical fermenter did not have this feature, you would have to transfer from the bottom of the cone, where yeast sediment inevitably builds up (no matter how steep the walls of the conical are).


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by Michael
on 4/27/2014
Pros - well made and works like a dream
Cons - none
Notes - it can be difficult to start the retaining nut for the bottom dump valve on the fitting inside the vessel; my arms are too short to reach both the valve and the nut at the same time. A scrap of 1X4 lumber stacked on top of a scrap of 2X4 (so ~2-1/4" actual material thickness) and placed under the valve holds it up in position so that you can reach in easily and start the nut. The nut for the bottom dump valve requres a 1-1/8" socket. I used a deep 1/2" drive 1-1/8" socket, 1/2" X 3/8" drive reducer, and a 3/8" drive long extension. It doesn't require much tightening. My first batch was ~20 gallons (max recommended in the fermenter is 21 gallons). I was a little concerned about the capacity of 3/8" blow-off tubing I used. I will consider purchasing the tri-clamp blow off fitting for my next batch. I believe that fitting is also required if you plan to use CO2 pressure instead of gravity for racking.
by Walter
on 9/7/2011
Fermenator 27 gallon
The fermenator arrived in Hawaii without any damage or dents. It is a joy to use and saves space in my garage versus 3 or 4 5 gallon plastic fermentors. I usually brew 15 gallon batches, so the top trub ring is 2/3 up from the top of the fermentor and easy to clean up. 
Cons: None, just a tip, don't put the "T" handle of the tension ring into Five Star PBW or the plating will come off.
by Andrew B.
on 9/14/2007
Fermenator, 27 gal
Pros: This is a very valuable piece of equipment that has forever changed my brewery and the quality of my beer. High quality, well made. Makes racking a breeze.  Also great for those who save their yeast to use again.  The valves are also very high quality. 

Cons: Haven't really found any yet, although it would be a little easier to use if I had the leg and/or wheel kit.
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