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This shows our Triple after only 7 days in the bottle. It is a little yeasty here, and clears out more completely in 2 to 3 weeks.


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by Andy
on 1/29/2014
great triple
I have used this kit twice and the second timed as the base for a mad elf clone, which turned out great.
I would buy an extra wyeast 1214 when pitching the yeast.
by Ronald
on 1/27/2014
The Recipe Needs Fixing
My buddy and I have just started homebrewing.  The Belgium Triple was only our third batch.  The results were good and could have been much better if we knew the recipe process better.  This recipe states to boil 6 gallons of water for before adding the liquid malt extract which was pretty good size in an of itself.  We ended up with better than 6.5 gal of wort and we fermented most of it in a 6.5 gal carboy.  The recipe should be changed to boil 4 gals at most before adding the extract and then adding cold water upon completion to fill-up to the required 5 gal level.  We will definitely try this product again only we'll go with the 4 gal start, not the 6.
by Richard
on 1/24/2014
An excellent Belgian Tripel that gets even better with age.
I brewed this as my second extract batch and is my best batch so far.  Everyone raves about it and keeps asking for more.  I did a yeast starter to ensure this big beer has proper fermentation.  It was in the primary for one month then racked into the secondary for another 2 months.  When it came down to bottling, I was afraid the yeast may be inactive so I added some Safebrew T58 during the bottling process. This brew only gets better with age.  

I'm down to only a few bottles after 6 months, so this Belgian Tripel will by my next batch.  Definitely try this if you're a Belgian fan.
by Jeffrey
on 10/30/2013
Great beer. Too much bottling sugar
This turned out to be a great kit - flavour is right on style!

I'm dropping a star though, because with the provided bottling sugar, the carbonation was too much.  While this style should be enthusiastically carbonated, it was over the top with this kit - the bottles are simply unpourable without about 90% foam, and what makes it worse is I got 8 22oz bottle-bombs from the 5 gallon batch.  Fortunately they were reasonably well contained in a plastic tub in my garage, so not too much mess, but I hate to see 25% of a good batch go down the drain.

William's Brewing Responds: It sounds like a case of bottling too soon. Always give the beer the full time in the primary and secondary fermenter, and take two gravity readings at least 3 days apart before bottling. 

by michael
on 10/19/2013
Belgian Triple
Kit arrived nicely boxed with all ingredients.  Instructions are very well written. Follow them and you will have no problems.  I have always followed Williams brewing instructions and the results have always been great.  This brew is just underway with everything going smoothly.  I don't anticipate any issues. 
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