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This shows the Wort Monitor Thermometer attached to the wort outlet of a heat exchanger (heat exchanger not included). Also pictured are Snaplock Connector parts L79 and L72 (not included). You can use a wide variety of ½" npt fittings to adapt this to your chiller or pump.


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by Rick (different)
on 1/26/2014
Great for counterflow chiller
After years of immersion chilling, I made the switch to counterflow.  Love it.  Could never get that close to pitch temps with immersion, even with a whirlpool attachment.  You really need this on the wort out side of the chiller to adjust flow rate to hit your target temp.

Only con is that the cross fitting is bulkier than a tee fitting, and can trap crud in the unused arm.  I suppose it does give more flexibility in outflow direction, though.
by Rick
on 7/25/2013
Great piece of equipment
I picked this up last month and have used it twice so far.  Instead of attaching to a chiller, I've attached it to the ball valve on my boil kettle.  After my boil, I recirculate the wort using a march pump for whirpool/flameout hops, then chill using an immersion chiller.  This thermometer gives me a dead-on accurate reading of where my temperature is at during cooling so I know when I can kill the chiller and transfer over to my fermentation tank.  Yes, it is a bit bulky coming off of the kettle, but so much easier to read and work with for this type of application than the Blichman ThruMometer.
by Seth
on 11/2/2012
Great Thermometer
This thermometer works great when connected to a March pump and used for mash recirculation.
by Brian
on 6/6/2012
Excellent device
I use this to monitor the temperature of the wort exiting my plate chiller.   Temperature change is nearly instant and is easy to read.  The pros and cons:

 - temperature range covers all pitching temperatures for lagers or ales.  
 - the device tolerates boiling temps, meaning I can sanitize the entire system by recirculating boiling wort through the chiller and thermometer towards the end of the boil. 
 - 1/2" size matches the March pump and Shirron chiller and won't slow down wort flow

 - the dial is a bit bulky, so I chose not to attach it directly to the wort out fitting of my Shirron chiller because on my system it would make it difficult to attach/detach my cooling water hose.  
 - no built-in mounting bracket, but it was easy to improvise one.  I chose to attach it to the side of my brewstand with metal straps, which worked very well.  Heavy duty thermoplastic tubing attaches it to the chiller.   
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