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This stainless adapter with silicone sealing O rings slips tightly into certain Perlick Forward Seal Faucets (Perlick model 525SS, J89 525PC, as well as J77 575SSTF, and J76 575SS), and lets you attach 3/8" interior diameter tubing for filling growlers and bottles. It does not fit the latest model  Perlick Forward Seal Faucet (Perlick item number 630SS) sold by William's Brewing from March 24th, 2014 and on (William's part number J63). It does also not fit the original Perlick Model 425 Forward Seal Faucet, which looks like the 525SS, except it has a threaded removeable spout.

This gets confusing!

 This would be simple if Perlick marked their varying forward seal faucets with product numbers, but they do not. As of March 24th, 2014, we are selling the new Perlick model 630SS faucet, which this growler filler does not fit. The older Perlick models have been discontinued.

If you have a caliper, this fits faucets with .414" to .417" inner diameter outlets. Fits Perlick 525SS model forward seal faucets only, as well as Perlick creamer models 575SS and 575SSTF, and Perlick brass forward seal model 525PC.  Does not fit Perlick 545C Flow Control Faucet, or Perlick faucets made prior to the current 525 series (these 425 series can be identified by their unscrewable stainless steel spouts).

A good way to tell if this will fit is to look closely at the faucet in the picture above. Notice the cursive 'P' on the crown (the current model 630SS has more of a block letter P).  Also notice that the spout is one piece, and does not unscrew.  If your Perlick forward seal faucet has a cursive 'P' on the crown and does not have a removeable spout, this should fit.


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by jon
on 8/3/2014
Not a very tight fit
This is a great idea if it worked better. I have three cursive "P" Perlick faucets but the O-rings don't make a very tight fit and I get leakage on one of my faucets.
by Schuyler
on 10/21/2013
Works exactly as advertised
This is a great product. If you are like me and you made something similar to this, you will not regret replacing your DIY growler filler with the real deal. Much better.
by Keith
on 7/25/2013
Perlick Faucet Growler Filler Adapter
No one should be without one of these if you want your beer to remain carbinated in the growler.
by Scott
on 4/15/2013
Does not work on all Perlick
I have two perlicks, this item only worked on the fixed faucet type (just like the picture above) and not the screw off tip faucet type. The one it worked on does have the creamer option when the handle is pushed back if that helps.
on 4/14/2013
Works fine
Description states (or was updated) that this adapter only works with the 525. Works awesome and way better than filling a growler by tipping. I used to use my bowie bottler but this is much easier to use on short notice. Can't beat the price either as most of us probably have a foot or two of vinyl beer line sitting around.
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