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Our William's Complete Home Brewery is the best home brewing starter value in America. It includes everything you need to start brewing quality beer at home, including an option to get a real 32 or 40 quart stainless Brewkettle with valve and a Wort Chiller.  Shop around and compare, we do not think you will find another home brewing starter set that matches our quality and value.

With the all new Controller III Heating and Cooling Control. Since we released the original analog Controller in 1990, and the digital Controller II in 1997, we have learned a lot about what you want in a temperature control. Features like easy switching from cooling to heating mode, energy saving duty cycle modes, replaceable sensor probes, and more. The new Controller III represents what we have learned, 
and is the ultimate year round temperature control for home brewers and wine makers.

With the Clear Beer Draught System, a patented floating beer pick up tube designed to fit any ball or pin lock Cornelius type keg. It replaces the beer out tube with silicone tubing attached to an all stainless swivel float, that keeps the beer pick up right below the surface of the beer. Draw clear beer sooner with the Clear Beer Draught System.

Convoluted Counterflow  Our latest Convoluted Counterflow Chiller features 1/2" FPT wort inlets and outlets, making it even easier to attach ball lock, snap lock, or ball valve fittings to the wort end. Available in stainless and copper, and in stock for immediate shipment.

Summer Ale Released  We have just packaged our first run of Summer Ale for this year. Summer Ale is a light ale with a refreshing hop character, ideal for brewing and drinking during the warmer months. The alcohol level is on the mild side, although the flavor is suprisingly full. 

 This Weldless Thermometer from Brewer's Edge installs in a small 7/16" hole, making it the easiest to install Weldless Thermometer available (no step drills needed, any sharp 7/16" drill bit will do). It is also the first Weldess Thermometer to feature an encapsulated silicone O ring in its base, for a positive leakproof seal with no danger of O ring deformation.

William's PET Growler  This 64 ounce growler features unbreakable, lightweight BPA free PET construction, and grab handles molded into the rear that make pouring easy. Includes a standard 32mm screw cap.  Great for transporting your draft beer.

Beer Can Glass This 16 ounce beer glass is shaped like a beer can, and features a nucleated bear paw on the bottom, to promote head retention.