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Control your brewing area year round with the Brewer’s Edge® Controller II. This control can be switched from cooling to heating with a jumper inside the case. A liquid crystal display indicates the exact temperature (accurate to plus or minus 1.5°) at the submersible probe, so there is no need to use an additional thermometer to monitor fermentation temperature.

The liquid crystal display shows either a small snowflake or flame to indicate whether the control is in cooling or heating mode. The display is easily switchable from Fahrenheit to centigrade display. An indicator LED light turns on when the control is providing power.

The Controller II features an adjustable differential (between 1° - 30°) to help save wear and tear on your refrigerator, freezer, or air conditioner compressor. A setting of 2° is ideal if your cooling unit is efficient and well insulated, while a setting of 6° is appropriate for an older refrigerator with a compressor that has seen a lot of wear. You control the differential, balancing the capabilities of your cooling unit with your desire for a precise setting. The submersible .235" inch diamter stainless steel probe can be put in a small bottle of water to get a true reading of the liquid inside.

Besides an adjustable differential, you can control if the Controller II provides power when the differential is reached, or cuts out. For example, if the unit is set for cooling at 55°F. (with a 3° differential) you want it to turn off when it cools down to the 52° differential setting. However, set it for heating at 55°F., and you will want it to turn on when the temperature drops to the 52° differential. The Controller II features jumper selectable cut in and cut out points, so you can perfectly tailor it to a cooling or heating application.

The Controller II is accurate to plus or minus 1.5° over its entire range of -20°F. to 200°F. There is no other unit on the market that offers this amount of flexibility and accuracy for the price.

Uses of the Controller II are many. Besides controlling a refrigerator (it will only control the refrigerator compartment, the freezer will not be usable) or freezer for brewing, it can control any electric heating device (110 volts, maximum amp. draw 12). This includes the Brewer's Edge Space Heater, which has been specially designed to keep a refrigerator or other small insulated area warm in winter.

Control an air conditioner, make a wine cellar from a spare refrigerator, keep a green house warm in winter, prevent pipes from freezing in the garage - this control is versatile. Best of all, no wiring is required. Just plug what you want to control in the Controller II outlet cord, put the submersible 6' probe in the area to be controlled, and program the temperature.

The Controller II features a 6' power cord, a 6' outlet cord, and a 6' sensor cord with a  .235" diameter stainless steel submersible sensor. The blue plastic body is 5" long, 2.5" wide, and 2.4" deep. Screw holes in the back of the case are provided for mounting.

Unlike similar units designed for general purpose use sold online, our Controller II features a full 2 year guarantee (1 year longer than our standard guarantee). Return a defective Controller to us within 2 years of purchase, with a copy of your receipt, and we will repair or replace it at no charge. 

Also usable with analog crockpots for Sous Vide (steady temperature waterbath) cooking. Just plug your Controller into the wall and the analog (not digital) crockpot, set the jumpers for heating, place the probe inside, and set your cooking temperature.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.


Frequently Asked Controller Questions

Question: If I put the probe of the Controller in a refrigerator/freezer in the refrigerator section, will the freezer also be regulated by the Controller?  What temperature will the freezer compartment be in this case?


Answer: The freezer compartment temperature will not be the same as the refrigerator, and will vary according to how you set the temperature of the refrigerator. When the Controller is regulating your refrigerator, the freezer will no longer be able to be used for safe cold food storage, as its regular temperature of around 0° F. will no longer be maintained. Generally, figure on the freezer being about 5-15 degrees colder than the temperature you set in the refrigerator compartment.

Question: If there is a power failure, will the Controller 11 lose its programmed temperature setting (set point) when the power comes back on?

Answer: No, it will store its programmed set point for 3 days in the case of power outage.



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by Josh
on 3/27/2015
Works Great!
Hooked up to a small freezer / fermenting chamber in my garage. It's keeping perfect temperature. Like other reviewers, I wish it had a backlit display.
on 1/28/2014
Pretty good!
Works good. I use this to control temperature during fermentation of lagers. When the temperature rises, a pump kicks on and moves ice water through a heat exchanger. When the temperature falls, it kicks off. All I need to do is make sure there's always ice in my chiller. This has a submersible probe but I use a SS thermowell.
by David
on 7/28/2013
Johnson controller
Using it to lager in a garage fridge. Very simple to use and change temps.
by Robert
on 6/30/2013
Great fermentation controller
This controller works very well. I am using it to brew during the hot summer months. Keep in mind, you input the set point and the differential, which are the temperatures at which your refrigerator/heater turns on and off. Because of your process, your actual final temperature could be a little off from the differential, so check to see what that is and make adjustments accordingly.
by Daniel
on 4/14/2013
The Johnson Controls A419
This is the Johnson Controls A419 unit with an A99 probe unit. This is a great temp control to turn a freezer into a fermentation box for whatever temp needed. Works great!
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