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Do you want to drink clear beer as soon as your keg is carbonated? The Clear Beer Draught System is a patented floating beer pick up tube to fit any Cornelius style soda keg. It replaces the beer out dip tube with a stainless dip tube and silicone tubing attached to a all-stainless swivel float. Includes 20" of 1/4" interior diameter silicone tubing to fit a standard 5 gallon keg. Also includes a new stainless gas dip tube with O ring. Fits all kegs, although older Firestone kegs with nylon dip tubes will have be drilled out a bit to accomodate the 1/4" stainless gas dip tube.

The stainless swivel float keeps the beer pick up tube right below the surface of the beer, letting you draw the clearest beer from the first draw to the very end. The swiveling pickup tube initially points down (when you are far away from the sediment) and then swivels to point upright when you get near the bottom, avoiding sediment. Very efficient, in our tests, all the was left in a 5 gallon keg was a cup of beer at the bottom.

Drink clearer keg beer sooner with the Clear Beer Draught System. Made in USA.

See the More Info link above for a picture of the float in position when the keg is full and when it is almost empty.

This shows the Clear Beer Draught System installed in a keg, and a keg without the system.


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by Dave
on 1/13/2015
A must have item.
All the good things they say are true. I was looking at an expensive filtering system, but I don't need it now. I re-rack directly into my keg, saving labor and most importantly, turnaround time. Quality beer, quicker.
by Dwayne
on 1/9/2015
Good Concept and Quality
Good quality, stainless steel, easy to sanitize and setup. Mine worked very well first time. It drew clearer beer sooner and did not take any sediment off the bottom even when the last glass was poured. The amount left over when empty is REALLY small, I think mine was about half a pint, and is all dregs/yeast. To use it just Assemble, Sanitize the whole keg, drain and fill with beer. You could add finnings like gelatin or isinglass then or not. Wait a week while things carbonate and settle, then hook up the keg for dispensing. NOTE I am not sure if Force carbonation by shaking is a great idea with this inside as it makes a bunch of noise and *might* come unhooked, but I bet someone will try that. It is a little pricey, but it is good quality and it works. NOTE a chill hazed beer is still going to be a chill hazed beer even if drawn through this. This will only keep you away from sediment that sinks. Good product.
by Timothy
on 7/23/2014
I will never put another drop of beer in a keg without a Clear Beer set up in it. it keep the beer clean and clear. No worries about stopping up your dip tube even when dry hopping in the keg. Seems to give more consist pours at least in my experience.
by Alex
on 7/10/2014
Should have got more!
Picked this up at NHC in Grand Rapids this year. Got a Special show price and only got one because I was leery of how well it worked. Well the jokes on me. Wish I would have got one for at least half my kegs and I have alot ! Works as advertised and easy to use.
by Chris
on 6/15/2014
Easy too install and works great
Cleaning is easy, Installation is quick, float always uprights itself when you try and turn it upside down and stays centered. I
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