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This 32 quart .030" thickness 200 grade stainless pot features a ½" nickel plated brass ball valve. The ball valve features weldless attachment via a lock nut and silicone washer, and a 1/2" NPT outlet to accept hose barbs (recommended, see links below). Includes pictured stainless steel matching lid. 13½" tall, 14½" diameter. Not recommended for glass top electric stoves (traditional burner electric stoves work, as do all gas stoves).

The valve also features 3/8" NPT female threads on the interior to accept the optional Brewer's Edge KettleScreen stainless filter screen. The KettleScreen functions as a screen for mashing, and removing whole hops from the boil (it tends to get clogged with large amounts of pellet hops).

We have tested this on an induction cooktop, and found that an inexpensive 1800 Watt Duxtop brand induction cooktop got 6 gallons boiling in about 90 minutes. So this will work with an induction cooktop, but we would recommend more than 1800 watts for best performance.


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by Christopher
on 1/29/2014
great upgrade
made the upgrade to do full 5 gallon all grain boils with. Using it with a propane burner. My biggest boil to date is about 7.25 gallons. Excellent little pot for a good price!
by Reynaldo
on 10/19/2013
Great brew kettle for the price!
This brew kettle is well built and will last forever with proper care. Best bang for your buck!
by Bill
on 1/26/2012
Great Pot.
I got this pot as part of a complete home brewing kit from Williams last year and it is a great brewpot.  Excellent quality and I use it regularly.  Can't ask for better quality at this price.
by Paul
on 1/25/2012
Brewer's Edge 32 Quart BrewKettle
I've done dozens of beers in this pot. Extract, minimash and all grain. For extracts, I start with 6 gal H2O, 6 lb. extract, plus specialty grains and whole hops. If you are attentive during the boil, everything will stay in the pot. Keep the lid on loosely to allow  steam to exit. I drilled a hole in the top for a thermometer and cut a slot on the edge for the post boil cooling coil.

I ordered a 40 quart pot, but I received a 32 quart by error. Williams made it fair.
by MattN
on 1/21/2012
You get what you pay for...
Hoping for the best, I picked up this 32 quart pot with a kettlevalve.  In short, it is flimsy. The bottom is single layer and warps/deforms easily. The direct heat from smoothtop electric or induction burner makes the bottom expand faster than the rest of the pot and the bottom becomes concave and does not make contact with the burner.  As a result, it is taking FOREVER to get my water up to temp.  I recommend gas burners ONLY with this kettle.

A 32quart kettle that costs $80 is really only half as good as one costing $160...
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