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Our William's Complete H
ome Brewery is the best home brewing starter value in America. It includes everything you need to start brewing quality beer at home, including an option to get a real 32 or 40 quart stainless BrewKettle with valve and a Wort Chiller. Shop around and compare, we do not think you will find another home brewing starter set that matches our quality and value.



With the Brewer's Edge Mash Water Heater. This 110 volt electric Mash Water Heater plugs into any GFCI protected plug, and will heat 7 to 9 gallons (depending on the model) of water to the correct 175° F. (strike) or 168° (sparge) water temperature. No fumes, no need for a second burner, no need for a special circuit.

We have perfected the C02 cartridge keg charger! Unlike the old plas
tic bicycle pump type chargers, our new Push Button Charger features a machined anodized brass dispensing head with a steel pushbutton to dispense C02. More precise, and much more durable. 

Who needs burners? The Grainfather 5 gallon RIMS mashing system features a recirculation pump for mashing and wort cooling, adjustable thermostat that allows for single stage or multiple temperature rest mashing, wort boiling, and an efficient counter flow wort chiller. All in a compact unit that plugs into a standard 110 volt GFCI protected household plug.  Now in stock for immediate shipment!

Our Mini Regulators come in two models, one that fits threaded C02 cartridges and the other that screws onto refillable C02 paintball tanks. Expand your draft beer dispensing options.

Our  Compact Kegs come in more sizes, all the way from a little 1¾ gallon to a new 6½ gallon size. These are 9" wide instead of the usual 8" wide, so they are shorter than equivalent capacity standard ball lock kegs.

These Heavy Duty Steel Cappers from Italy are the best manual bottle cappers available. If you have ever been frustrated with an inexpensive plastic capper, these are worth a look.




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Roast Your Own Coffee & Save
Roast your own gourmet coffee with our home roasters and green coffee beans. Save money and drink fresher coffee – green coffee costs about half as much as roasted coffee, and the coffee you freshly roast is fresher than store bought coffee. We feature mix and match discounts on our line of quality green coffee beans if you buy eight bags or more.
William's California Wine Kits
Our line of California Wine Kits are made from local Lodi, Woodbridge, and Solano County grapes, picked at their peak and then gently concentrated. Click on the picture for more on our line of no-compromise red and white wine kits.